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日常心活 (Mindful Flourishing)



Funded by the Health Care and Promotion Scheme, we endeavor to promote college students’ mental well-being through cultivation of mindfulness with online and offline approaches. By integrating mindfulness into daily life and living in the present, we hope students can have more inner space to explore themselves and enjoy a flourishing university life. Students who are interested in promoting mindfulness on campus can apply to become Mindful Flourishing Ambassadors. The ambassadors who have completed the training and passed the assessment can deliver mindfulness workshops to fellow schoolmates. At the same time, ambassadors are invited to use the Mindful Flourishing mobile application to maintain daily mindfulness practice.​

最新活動 Recent activities:

1. 手機應用程式訓練研究

(Mindfulness-based Mobile Application)

Mindful Flourishing Mobile App Study
Mindful Flourishing Longitudinal Study
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Mindful Flourishing Mindful Day and Mindfulness Workshops

3. 日常心活:靜觀體驗活動

(Mindful Day / Mindfulness Workshops)

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