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Jockey Club TourHeart+ Project (JCTH+)

Leveraging technology to optimize stepped care and personalize mental health services


Carrying on the success of the online stepped care model in the initial 3 years of the Jockey Club TourHeart Project that strived to reduce stigma, promote mental health, prevent anxiety and depression, and treat anxiety and depression among working adults, we are continuing our work in this extension project, Jockey Club TourHeart+ Project (JCTH+), to further harness the power of technology in delivering more personalized and precise mental health solutions to targeted working adults (i.e., corporate employees, teachers, health care providers, unemployed and underemployed individuals).


The JCTH+, funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, spans from Jan 2021 to Jan 2024. Through the AI-empowered website and mobile app of JCTH+, users can receive personalized mental health information and training. Instead of the conventional way of completing assessments and self-guided Internet-based courses, AI-assisted chatbot, intelligence coach as well as human coaches will be employed to provide personalized recommendations and feedback to our users. Webinars, offline workshops, and group therapy will also be provided to further bolster users’ mental health practice. Our aim is to weave mental health into our daily fabric of our lives.






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