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身心健康行動計劃 (Wellness Recovery Action Plan WRAP®)

身心健康行動計劃 (Wellness Recovery Action Plan - WRAP®) 為 <<賽馬會心導遊計劃>> 定期所舉辦之活動,並為香港中文大學心理學系多元文化及全人健康研究室與新生精神康復會共同策劃。WRAP®源至美國精神健康運動倡導者Mary Ellen Copeland 及其他復元人士設計的一套自助計劃。計劃亦被美國政府物資濫用與精神健康服務 (SAMHSA) 認可、以實證為本的訓練。參加者可透過WRAP®去建立一個屬於自己的「身心整全健康工具箱」,幫助參加者自我管理情緒及保持身心健康,藉此舒緩自己的情緒及改善整體生活質素。


1. 減少負面情勢及困擾

2. 維持良好的精神健康狀態

3. 保持積極思想並灌注希望

​4. 適應工作及生活上不同的變化

WRAP® is a individualized wellness program that anyone can develop their own self-care plans in order to stay well. In this course, participants will:


  • Discover their own wellness tools

  • Develop things to do every day to stay as well as possible

  • Identify triggers and early warning signs

  • Develop personalized action plans for responding at times of distress

We organize Wellness Recovery Action Plan workshops (known as WRAP®) regularly. Participants can attend the 3-hour WRAP® Introductory Course to have a basic understanding of WRAP®. Through the 12-hour WRAP® Basic Course, participants can set up their own wellness toolbox according to their needs, and use the toolbox to handle changes in life, hence promote their wellbeing. Participants can also become a qualified WRAP® facilitator through the 35-hour WRAP® Facilitator course, and help promote WRAP® to others.

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