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Story-telling Workshop

24 June 2015, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Instructor: Professor Karen Dobkins (University of California, San Diego)


This is a story-telling workshop, where the story is your life. Who are you…. beyond what someone could learn about you through Google or Facebook? This workshop focuses on how to tell your life story by describing events -- and how you were affected by those events, without assumptions or accusations regarding other people. By bringing in life lessons, part of your story will be about how you have healed, or plan to heal, from life challenges, however big or small. The goal is to connect and engage with the listener by making the listener feel they are part of the story, as if they have a stake in the outcome. In this way, the story-teller and listener create the story together. Participants will take turns sharing their stories, being facilitated by the instructor, as well as by working in pairs.  

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