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Kriti Kakani

I am Kriti, a third-year international student from India at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Psychology. I have found the dialogue about mental health being concealed in the society and have noticed various archaic doctrines attached to the same across different settings. From volunteering experiences in various impoverished villages, I have also noticed a huge scarcity for psychological services for the underprivileged. However, I believe that mental health is something that affects all of us and is nothing to be ashamed of. Thus, I am passionate about studying the stigma against mental health and its services in the context of Asian countries. 


I want to use my passion for serving others and for Psychology to collectively play a vital role in providing individuals a better outlook on their life and most importantly, help serve the unprivileged on a larger scale in the future. 


Research Interests: 

Stigma reduction, mental health promotion, self-stigma amongst social minorities, social justice and reduction of social inequality 



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