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Koni Lau


I am Koni, a final-year Psychology student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Being an online coach for the Jockey Club TourHeart+ project in our lab has aroused my interest in the delivery of low-intensity psychotherapies, leading me to the current position of being a psychological well-being practitioner trainee at Oasis under the Hospital Authority (HA). In addition, I am currently working on my thesis research to explore the relationship between Buddhist philosophy and psychological well-being under the supervision of Prof. Winnie Mak. I hope to further investigate the array of topics within the research field of psychopathology, as well as philosophical psychology, in the future.

‘We are not looking at the things being seen, but the things not being seen. For the things being seen are temporary, but the things not being seen are eternal.’


Research Interest: Buddhist philosophy, psychopathology, existential psychotherapy, low-intensity psychotherapy, death anxiety, mortality salience

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