Karen Chung Yuet Yee

I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (Major: Psychology) . I joined Maklab as a research assistant in 2019 .

Research interests 
Recovery-oriented model for mental health services 
mental well-being and mental health promotion 

‘ Recovery involves the development of new meaning and purpose in one’s life as one grows beyond the catastrophic effects of mental illness . William Anthony, 1993’  

Some might consider recovery from mental illness as symptoms alleviation with an emphasis on deficits , pathology and dependency. To me , recovery extends beyond mere function restoration and survival, it constitutes of capitalising on one’s strengths to flourish as well as living one’s life to the fullest. Despite the limitations that mental illnesses might impose on individuals, one could still pursue personally valued goals , and develop and maintain gratifying relationships .

By joining the lab, I hope to make a tiny step in facilitating the implementation of person-centered, recovery-oriented mental health services in HK .