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Connie Ho


Research Interests

Connie’s research interests are in the areas of public, affiliate, and self-stigma among social minorities, like people living with HIV/AIDS and people with mental illness, as well as HIV preventive programs. She is also interested in topics of mental health promotion and recovery of people with mental illness. She also tries to investigate these issues from specific cultural perspectives.



Connie received her B.S.Sc. in Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011. She joined the lab in 2008 and has participated in various projects reducing stigma among social minorities. She finished her undergraduate thesis regarding Chinese cultural factors of self-stigma among people with drug dependence under the supervision of Dr. Mak. She hopes to work for people’s mental well-being through clinical practice and research upon her training in clinical psychology. 


Connie is definitely a cinema-goer! She loves reading and sketching in her leisure time. She also enjoys hiking and playing squash with friends. Tasting life through travelling and sharing stories with others is always her pleasure.

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