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Ben Yu 2020.jpg

Ben Yu


Research Interests:
Interconnectedness; Mindfulness; Stigma on People with Mental Illness; Personal Recovery

I joined this lab since 2014 when I was an undergraduate student helper. Upon graduation, I worked here as a research assistant and pursued the M.Phil degree, under the supervision of Prof. Mak. I am going to commence my Ph.D. study here in fall 2020.

I have been working on research examining the relationship among secularized Buddhist derived constructs. In particular, I am interested in how interconnectedness is related to mindfulness and how they can be integrated to promote social justice and individual well-being. 

In addition, I am interested in examining stigma against people with mental illness. Specifically, I have been examining the stigmatization processes and the application of Buddhist derived concepts (i.e., interconnectedness, mindfulness and compassion) to reduce stigma of people with mental illness. 


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